Tuesday, November 23, 2004


*sigh* still no time (or is it motivation?) to write about my deep thoughts from Angels in America and 'the Bell Curve'. Still thinking about it...

In the meantime, exercise...

Weds 11/17 (I was bad!) pickup hockey 6:45-7:45am, hockey practice 8-9
Thurs 11/18 Off day
Fri 11/19 weight lifting
Sat 11/20 Hockey practice 5-7
Sun 11/21 Hockey game, 3:15-4:45. Hurt my shoulder, so didn't go to vball practice
Mon 11/22 Vball league playoff game 7:15-8. We lost. So got to go home early. I was glad because I didn't want to injure my shoulder, but at the same time I ate a ton of mini chocolate bars at work (600 cal worth!) so I kinda wanted a bit of exercise to work that off. Better to rest my shoulder.
Tues 11/23 Hockey pickup 6:45-7:45.

Went to see the doc about my lack of periods on Friday. She's doing some tests for hormone levels. We'll see. I'm also having an ultrasound because my uterus is 'a bit far on the right hand side'. Whatever that means. M- always teases me about being crooked (one of my ears is quite a bit higher than the other one, so my glasses have to be bent so they look straight on my face), I guess I'm more crooked than I thought! That's tomorrow afternoon...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

exercise log

So, I've been watching Angels in America over the last couple of days, and it's really made me think... stuff I want to write about. But I'm tired, and I managed to sign myself up for early morning hockey again tomorrow morning, so I'm going to have to save that for another entry.

So, I did end up going to lift on Friday 11/12. yay me :-)

Sat 11/13 hockey practice 5-7
Sun 11/14 hockey game 1-2:30, volleyball practice 6:45-9:30
Mon 11/15 wanted to lift, but couldn't get my butt out of bed, so off day...
Tues 11/16 hockey 6:45-7:45am, lifting 8-9


Thursday, November 11, 2004


I had a really crappy day at work today. Three months (just about) into my new job, I suppose it's about time. Spent all day in completely useless meetings. Four hours of presentations by an outside vendor that I had already seen. Grrr... I don't mind being stuck in meeting so much when I feel like I'm learning something, but to waste my time like that? It really pisses me off. So I ended up leaving work early (yeah, at 5:20 - not really so early!) 'cause although I had a ton of stuff to do today I was just sitting there being pissed (after I got back from the meeting at 5pm) so I decided to come home and do fun things instead.

I'm a pissy driver when I'm frustrated. Not good. People who feel the need to come to a complete stop before making a right turn? Idiots! People who can't stay in their own lane? Morons. Those who drive below the speed limit up to a traffic light that's green, only to have it turn red before I get there (of course, THEY make it through!!!). Imbeciles! Usually I can take these things in stride, but when I'm already in a bad mood, forget it. So much worse. So I get home in a pissier mood than I was when I left. Tonight I could feel it happening and tried my best NOT to choose to be pissy... worked a bit. Not completely though.

I think I'm also getting a cold, which sucks.

And I've been eating GARBAGE over the past week or so. I decided that perhaps I'm not getting my period because I undereat / overexercise, so I thought I'd try not being quite as concerned about the calories I'm eating. Of course that translated almost immediately into buying chocolate and candy. And proceeding to eat it in vast quantities. I really don't know why - yes, it tastes good at the time, but afterwards - who even remembers? Except the scale, of course. ha. I have to get back to writing everything down. Not for losing weight, but just so I'm not eating all this crap.

I'm sad today. I don't know why. Maybe tired.

Weds 11/10 - walked 2 miles, hockey 11-12.
Thurs 11/11 - nothing!
Fri 11/12 - planning on lifting in the morning.
(I need to write this down beforehand so that when I get up tomorrow morning I don't tell myself I don't have to go. I started lifting two years ago, and I've been SO good about it, going almost religiously 2 times a week, up until this new job. Where I can no longer wander in at 10am. So now I have to drag myself out of bed at 6:30 to go and lift, and it's somehow much easier to talk myself out of it at that time rather than at 7:15.)

Anyway, enough rambling. TTFN.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


So I'm thinking about starting a family, have been off the pill since July without getting my period. Funny how things like that happen - we spend so much of our young lives trying not to get pregnant, and then when you want to, you find out all the precautions were for nothing. ha. joke's on you!

Anyway, I've been wondering if I'm not getting my period 'cause I'm exercising too much. I keep telling myself that I'm not, but I get talked into things / sign up for things because they sound like they'll be fun... and next thing I know, I'm overdoing it! So I'm going to try keeping track of what I'm really doing, so I can figure out how to control myself.

The whole journaling thing really helped me lose weight back in May - perhaps being more concious of the exercise I'm doing will help me to cut down on that as well. If I really find that I need to. We'll see what the doc says in a week or so....

Last week's exercise:

Saturday 10/30 - volleyball tournament all day (9-6)
Sunday 10/31 - hockey game 4:50-6:00
Monday 11/1 - weight lifting, volleyball 7-8:45
Tuesday 11/2 - off day (skipped hockey pickup)
Wednesday 11/3 - hockey practice 8-9am, 7-8:45pm
Thursday 11/4 - off day?
Friday 11/5 - hockey game 7:30-9:00
Sat 11/6 - hockey game, 5-6:30
Sun 11/7 - hockey practice 1-2:45, volleyball practice 7:30-10
Mon 11/8 - volleyball league 8:45-10:15
Tues 11/9 - hockey pickup 6:45-7:40, hockey game 7:30-8:45

Any thoughts?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

words to live by

I was watching Joan of Arcadia tonight on Tivo. I'm such a sucker for "nice" shows like that. This one episode really got me thinking though. Joan gets upset at her best friend 'cause she sees her hugging Joan's boyfriend, without knowing the context.

My mother is one of the wisest people I know. She has said many things over the years that have really helped me to live my life happily rather than in misery... I'll get to them all over time. For now, though, the pearl that I was reminded of watching this episode.

Never assume that someone is deliberately trying to hurt you or another person. Wait until you have all the facts. Talk to them!

I see so many instances in my own life, in the news, and portrayed in the media where people's lives would be so much easier if they just lived by this. Think about how many times something you've said or done has been taken to be malicious when that totally wasn't the intent. I do find myself, on occasion, getting upset about something that a person has said or done without completely understanding why they might have done it or what they might be thinking. I try really hard to follow this adage - I actively try and remind myself that in all likelihood it's just a mistake, not an active attempt to be nasty. And that has always been true!

I think that so many arguments that people / couples have could be avoided if they didn't assume the worst. If you ask your SO to do something and they don't - assuming that they actively didn't do it because they were trying to spite you for some reason... gets you upset, you yell... leads down a nasty path of recrimination and counter-recrimination. On the other hand, imagine that perhaps they just forgot, and a gentle reminder will do the trick. Something to think about anyway.