Friday, January 28, 2005


When I played hockey last Sunday and Tuesday, after not having played since the Tuesday before, I felt crappy. Sunday I actually had to sit down for a while because I was feeling lightheaded, Tuesday I just felt like I wasn't as fast as usual, was more out of breath etc. I was afraid that by cutting down my schedule I was really going to decrease my performance, if those two skates were any indication.

Skated again this morning, after not having skated in ten days, and felt *great*.

Figured out what it was - I had a mild case of the flu last week, which I discovered when I got a fever, chills and aches on Friday night. I had felt like I was fighting a cold all week - stuffy at night, a mild sore throat, and then it hit me for real on Thursday / Friday. I guess I really shouldn't play when I feel like I have a cold, it really kicked my butt! At least i know that now though.

And I'm so glad that it was because I was sick, and NOT because I had lost my edge after just a few days off!!!


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