Tuesday, November 23, 2004


*sigh* still no time (or is it motivation?) to write about my deep thoughts from Angels in America and 'the Bell Curve'. Still thinking about it...

In the meantime, exercise...

Weds 11/17 (I was bad!) pickup hockey 6:45-7:45am, hockey practice 8-9
Thurs 11/18 Off day
Fri 11/19 weight lifting
Sat 11/20 Hockey practice 5-7
Sun 11/21 Hockey game, 3:15-4:45. Hurt my shoulder, so didn't go to vball practice
Mon 11/22 Vball league playoff game 7:15-8. We lost. So got to go home early. I was glad because I didn't want to injure my shoulder, but at the same time I ate a ton of mini chocolate bars at work (600 cal worth!) so I kinda wanted a bit of exercise to work that off. Better to rest my shoulder.
Tues 11/23 Hockey pickup 6:45-7:45.

Went to see the doc about my lack of periods on Friday. She's doing some tests for hormone levels. We'll see. I'm also having an ultrasound because my uterus is 'a bit far on the right hand side'. Whatever that means. M- always teases me about being crooked (one of my ears is quite a bit higher than the other one, so my glasses have to be bent so they look straight on my face), I guess I'm more crooked than I thought! That's tomorrow afternoon...


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