Thursday, October 07, 2004

Rants and Raves #2

Okay, so a few weeks ago I went into Old Navy. Now I actually dont' know why because since this whole low rise craze started, *none* of their clothes have fit me properly. I guess I just like their quality and price... anyway, all of a sudden they've started offering "at waist" pants. Beautiful! I tried on a pair, and they fit like a glove. Perfect for dressing up a little at my new job. So I bought four pairs. Very cool. But, I realized when I got them home that they were all a bit too long for me. Even with my shoes with heels, the pants were dragging on the ground. No good. The salesperson in the store had told me, however, that they also come in a 'short' size... and while they don't carry them in the store, I could order them online - and if I did that in a store, shipping would be free. So I went back to a store to try them on (well, I compared the difference between a 6 short and a 6 regular, one size too big for me) and the shorts were perfect. (Which is funny in and of itself, as I've never had to wear 'short' or petite size pants before. And I'm pretty sure I haven't shrunk THAT way!). So, I ordered the 4 shorts to come to my house.

Almost two weeks later, I finally get them. Totally psyched, really love the pants. Put on the first pair this morning - and what do you know, they're tight! I had to keep one pair of the regular length 'cause they're a special color so don't come in the short length, so I had those to compare to. Sure enough, it's not that I've gotten bigger, the damn pants are half an inch smaller at the waist. Now am I wrong to assume that the only difference between a 4 regular and a 4 short will be the length? Apparently I am. SO annoying! Especially because the 6 short is too damn big for me. So I think I'm now in for yet another trip to the store, to return these and get the 4 regulars which is what I had in the first place. Why can't they just standardize these sizes????? I should NOT be an 8 in some brands and a 4 in others. Yet one more thing that makes me wish I was a guy ;-)


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